22 November 2018

Tomorrow's Leaders

Our Evolve Founder Mairead Mackle was invited to speak at the launch of the Tomorrow’s Leaders Mentoring Programme at Parliament Buildings, Stormont last week.

The initiative, set up by leading not-for-profit organisation Groundwork NI is aimed at connecting today’s female business leaders with tomorrow’s future leaders.  Female leaders from across business, politics, academia, community and voluntary sectors act as mentors for women who aspire one day, to follow their example.

Speaking at the launch, Mairead shared details of her personal and professional journey to date, revealing how she was inspired to launch Evolve, our inclusive health and wellbeing network bringing together women from all 

backgrounds.  Mairead explained how she wanted women to come together to talk through their own journeys and experiences; to share how they have overcome either personal or professional challenges to emerge stronger, more resilient and with a positive outlook for the future.

Every mentor and mentee on the programme received one of our beautiful Evolve journals, to encourage them to think about and note down any areas of focus in their personal and professional lives, things they are passionate about and want to act upon, to reflect on any successes, failures or learnings - little steps towards becoming the best version of yourself.

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