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Personal Leadership guidance will help you evolve into a position of greater control over self, work, home and personal space. We want to empower you to find your truth and stand in it. We want to help you to create your own personal philosophy, and then walk in it, from a position of strength that cannot be shaken. Let this journey be the start of an effective, developed, new you.

Mixing the colours which are YOUR colour tone is clever and very flattering. Know your colours and wear them with CONFIDENCE regardless of new season colour rules!

By Jennifer Kelly

By Evelyn Marinoff

Almost every article online proposing tips and tricks on boosting confidence has a variation of this hack - "Fake confidence to become more confident". It's the magic elixir that can solve your self esteem woes. This this is flawed advice and doesn't quite do the job.

By Mairead Mackle

Women typically have this tendency to feel guilty too often and quickly become apologetic. I believe that the use of these two simple words, “I’m sorry”, is actually hurting both our personal and professional pursuits.  The tendency to apologise is damaging in that it impacts the way we feel about ourselves.

The Evolve Team

Spring is here and we are loving it. The weather has been settling nicely into warmth and sunshine and everything is blooming with the birds are chirping. All of which means that Easter is coming soon. Take a read through some of the amazing events running this year close to you.

By The Evolve Team

We started this year off by sharing our goals for 2019. A new year brings new beginnings, and a fresh round of New Year’s resolutions. Its how we all start – determined and motivated! However, our resolutions can be at risk of falling short when that initial drive doesn’t necessarily equate to action.

She’s chic, she’s on trend and her name is on the tip of everyone’s lips at the minute. So, we thought what better way to give some dress for success tips, than to take them from the woman of the hour, Meghan Markle.

By Mairead Mackle

We have started into a new year and it’s time to remove anything that brought you down in 2018. Say goodbye to the bad habits and negative thoughts that have been holding you back. It’s a new year, time for new opportunities and change!

By Mairead Mackle

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