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Self Evolve is about finding your PURPOSE. Its about feeling supported and inspired to step out of your comfort zone to value yourself and your time, to focus on your own self-worth and to realise that - you are creative, you are precious, you are able and you have value. Let us help you to realise your unique worth, that you might find that bold inner confidence to shine your light in everything your hand finds to touch

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Repeating positive affirmations to yourself daily (“I’m worthy/ I deserve all that is good/ I’m strong/ I love and accept myself,” etc.) will enhance how you feel about yourself, will make you see yourself more favourably and will put you a King-of-the-Hill state of mind.

By Evelyn Marinoff

My self-evolution journey began when I found myself wandering around my house one morning totally lost with no sense of purpose. I looked around at what was once a house full of noise, laughter, tears and tantrums and I now witnessed empty rooms and silence.

By Geraldine Leyden

I’ve been in businesses for quite a few years and I’ve worked hard for success, and just like everyone else, I have had my fair share of challenges and had failures to rise above. I thought I would share a couple with you here to help you in your own journey.

By Mairead Mackle

Though it is a wet and potentially miserable day, its the end of the week and a perfect time to be focusing on some more positive things. Ive been thinking a lot in the new year about the simpler things in life that I enjoy doing.

By Mairead Mackle

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