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As something that is all too often taken for granted. Well-being is a pillar of Evolve because we recognise that we evolve to greatness when every cell in our body is fuelled by joy. Evolve Well-being will focus on nutrition for our social, physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual. Evolve events will inform and inspire you to make small differences you feel you can, towards living a healthier lifestyle.

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“In life we all suffer, there is no escape.  Through my experiences I have come to discover, you have to learn how to heal yourself...”

By The Evolve Team

As big supporters of Mental Health Matters we are focused on ensuring we promote ways for our team to look after themselves. Mental health matters is an opportunity to spark global discussions about mental health issues and mobilise efforts in support of mental health.

By The Evolve Team

The recession in Ireland sparked a time of turbulence in employment to say the least, from which an attitude of “prioritise hard work above all else” grew. You couldn’t expect to just walk out of University and step into a well-paid job no one could just bank on full-time employment.

By Dr Darria Long Gillespie

Mom Hacks are like self-care nuggets of wisdom for any mom to eat right, move more, stress less and get a good night’s sleep, by a doctor who is also a mom.  Why is it generally accepted that motherhood comes at the expense of our health?

By Gillian Killiner

Men and women's roles in society have been changing for decades now. It is difficult to accept that it is not possible to be “all things to everyone”.  Girls are still typically stereotyped to be carers and, as mother’s we naturally take on this role for our new born.”

It’s easy to continue to follow the status quo to look at nutrition and health in terms of the number on a set of scales.  Yes, we have been doing it for many years and I’m not excluding myself from that.  However, I like to take a different perspective as I’ve personally experienced a low time in my life.

By Gilly Davies

Every year, a plethora of amazing new beauty products are launched, and we feel that 2019 is no exception.  With new products dropping on a weekly basis, and more eyeshadow palettes than we will ever have eyelid space, we decided to put together this list of our six affordable beauty favourites from some classic brands.

By The Evolve Team

Research carried out in recent years suggests that stress can have a profound affect on our health, whether we realise it or not.  The impact of stress can manifest in many forms - from headaches and low mood, to insomnia and reduced concentration.

By Anne Costello

Let’s just make one thing clear again: There’s no perfect diet for everyone. Although low-carb diets can be incredibly beneficial for many people, this doesn’t imply that all high - carb foods are “bad”.

By Domini Kemp

By Mairead Mackle

One in four people are affected by mental health, yet, it still seems to be a taboo subject for so many. People suffering from mental health issues can feel isolated, worthless and even ashamed. Thankfully, now more than ever, there seems to be more and more conversations around mental health


Here you will find some easy to follow recipes, to help you make informed healthy lifestyle choices.

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